For tree surgeons and those who love trees, the disappointment at the end of summer is tempered by looking forward to the spectacular autumn colour of London’s trees. This year has been an especially good year; the spectrum of colours can be incredible. The diverse nature of London’s tree stock due to the planting choices of its homeowners, means that the autumn colours of the city can be much more impressive than in the countryside.

The array of reds, yellows oranges and browns help to distract the eye from the gloomy skies and perpetual rain and can help you to forget the fact that winter is close and summer has never been so far away.

The Benefits of Pruning Trees in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to get tree work done, as working on trees during the dormant period can help the trees to recover before the springtime and can avoid excessive reactions to pruning. Also, if a tree has been pruned in autumn then the effect will last for up to six months before spring brings new growth.

I have included a link to an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph about the best trees to demonstrate autumn colours.

Get Tree Surgery in South West London During Autumn & Winter

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