Take a Bough's expert tree surgeons cover the Clapham area

Our London based tree surgeons frequently work in Clapham and our teams are required to be undertake all aspects of the tree surgery process, from large tree removals to precise tree pruning in the sometimes small Clapham gardens. Our tree surgeons are also required to manage limited accesses to remove the resulting debris from our sites, as many of Clapham’s houses are terraced. We take utmost care when carrying tools and debris through our client’s houses and are very conscious of security and minimizing the potential disruption and inconvenience. We aim to leave no trace of our presence except the beautiful and precise tree work that is the benchmark of our company.

Our professionally trained and insured tree surgeons deal with a wide variety of tree species. London has a far more diverse tree stock than rural areas because of the high level of design. We are required to have an extensive level of plant identification, pruning appropriate requirements for our customer’s trees and the pests and diseases that might affect them. Our tree surgeons are proud of the advice that we are able to give our customers, as we are often able to offer solutions to  remove the issues that their trees might create, without the need to remove the tree entirely. Trees can often cause a loss of light to a garden or a property and may also be responsible for creating a lot of debris but with proper pruning and management usually these problems can be limited if not removed. If you have any queries regarding your trees in the Clapham area please don’t hesitate to contact us.

"100% reliable, totally professional, clean, tidy and excellent value, Take A Bough are always my first call for tree and garden maintenance. If we had a larger place, they’d be on speed dial"

Our tree surgery services for Clapham

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