What you need to know about tree felling and removal from Take A Bough

We always encourage our tree surgery clients in London to retain trees wherever possible, but sometimes they have to be removed because either they are unsuitable for their space, or they pose a threat to surrounding buildings or for a variety of different reasons. Due to the lack of open space, tree cutting and tree felling in London can be more challenging and it is not often possible to fell a tree in one piece.

About Tree Felling in London

In urban spaces, such as London, it is usually necessary to dismantle trees in order to remove them. In order to dismantle a tree, professional London tree surgeons use ropes and lowering devices to manage and control each piece of the tree to make use of the available space. This special form of tree cutting is called sectional felling.

Our Tree Felling and Removal Service

Take a Bough Tree Care are experts in tree removal and can manage the most limited of spaces. Our experienced tree surgeons will take account of the different factors that could affect performing a tree removal or reduction, such as wind direction, wind strength, the way the land slopes and obstacles around the area. In addition, our tree surgery team will take account of the condition of the tree, noting if there is any structural damage or damage cause by pests and disease which can be hazardous.

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Our London tree felling services have wide coverage, including Wimbledon, Wandsworth and many more locations. If you’d like to check on our availability or request a quote, just click above to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Tree felling legals; let's talk TPOs...

Prior to undertaking any work our tree surgery team will ascertain if a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is in place or if the tree is in a Conservation Area. If either is the case, we will obtain the necessary permits from the local council’s Tree Officer and/or Planning Department before beginning work.

The restrictions of a conservation area do not apply if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous. Evidence will need to collected prior to any work and it is advisable to notify the council and supply evidence to ensure that there are no repercussions for either party, as it can be difficult to prove the condition of the tree after the work has been completed.

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