Take a Bough's expert tree surgeons cover the Claygate area of Surrey

This cherished green space supports the development of trees to full maturity, which in turn requires our expert tree surgeons to regularly perform services such as crown reduction or crown thinning.  Larger gardens also help support a wider variety of trees, with opportunities for landscaping and the implementation of both innovative and traditional planting schemes.

For tree surgeons in Surrey, Claygate provides opportunities to practice the full range of tree surgery techniques and skills from formative tree pruning, to precise reductions, hedge trimming, tree removal, pruning climbing plants and the management of veteran trees.  The varying size of gardens and properties in Claygate, also mean that the highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons at Take A Bough are able to provide arboricultural services in both small confined spaces and also, on occasion, to enjoy the luxury of having lots of space to work in.

If you have any queries regarding your trees in the Claygate area of Surrey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

"Toby made a fantastic job of pruning my wisteria in autumn. The tree was cut back exactly as I had specified. "

Our tree surgery services for Claygate

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