Our expert tree surgeons have the experience to tackle your job

Take a Bough’s London-based professional tree surgeons regularly provide a wide range of services, from simple hedge pruning and shaping through to complete tree cutting and tree felling, all done with the care and attention to safety required when carrying out tree surgery in London’s busy streets.

So whether you need our tree surgeons in Wimbledon or the surrounding area arrange a visit by one of our professional tree surgery team for a no-obligation quote by visiting our contact us page.

How can our expert tree surgeons help you?

Removal of a tree in small sections using roping systems which ensure control at all times, which is critical in small urban gardens.

Pollarding is a pruning system where the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches.

Crown reductions control the height and spread of a tree whilst maintaining a suitable size for its environment.

Removes selective branches to increase light penetration, air movement and weight reduction.

Removal of lower branches allows more light into the area around the tree and providing clearance.

We offer a full tree stump removal service and we are able to get to the most inaccessible sites in London.

We are fully equipped to take on all sizes, shapes and species of hedges with care and attention for perfect results.

Professional, considerate pruning. Regular pruning increases the useful life and aesthetic value of such trees, shrubs and plants.

Complete clearance of overgrown shrubs and trees. Site cleared ready for replanting or landscaping.

"We used Toby to cut back a tree from a neighbour’s garden that was hitting our roof. Toby approached the neighbour and as we live in a conservation area took care of the legalities before commencing work. "