Winter seems to be becoming the season of storms as well as snow and low temperatures.

Here’s some helpful advice should you be faced with storm damage caused by tree fall.

General advice for dealing with trees damaged by storms

After a storm, there is always a big clean-up process that all property owners face, and an experienced tree surgeon can advise you on whether trees can be saved or should be removed.
Some trees will require a simple reduction to decrease the sail area of the crown in order to reduce the stress on the tree and especially the root ball. Others may need to be staked and supported, while others will unfortunately need to be removed.

What are the different types of storm damage trees can suffer?

You should keep in mind that, when it comes to trees in storms, there are basically six types of storm damage. For example, there are blow overs, stem failures, root failures, branch failures, crown twists and lightning problems. It is true that trees are strong, however, even the strongest tree will reach a crisis point.

How can a tree surgeon help with my storm damaged tree?

A professional tree service will make every effort to save as many trees as possible. They know that your safety and your family’s safety is first priority. If we believe that any kind of damage has occurred which could potentially threaten your family or your property, we will do an assessment and work with you to solve the problem. For example, if a tree has come down on a power line, that could be a serious risk for you and your family. In such a case it is obvious that the tree must be removed as soon as possible. Such a delicate operation will require the services of tree removal professionals who will have the proper experience, equipment and carry proper liability insurance.

Get assistance for storm damaged trees in South London

In order to perform an inspection of your storm damaged trees and shrubs, please contact Toby by clicking the number above to call and arrange an appointment at your convenience.

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Toby Douglas is the founder of Take A Bough Tree Care. After university in Aberystwyth, Toby made the decision to study Arboriculture at Merrist Wood, in Surrey. In 2001 he successfully completed a National Certificate in Horticulture, and a National Diploma in Arboriculture, then worked for two years subcontracting to large and respected companies in order to gain the practical experience to compete successfully for both private and corporate contacts once Take a Bough Tree Care was launched

"Toby did a very good job, not only with trimming a tree and ivy that were abandoned and out of control, but also with leaving the house clean and all my neighbours happy."

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