Discover which are the best trees for bees and other insects and wildlife with our quick guide.

Beloved trees sometimes have to be removed from gardens because of disease or simply because they have outgrown the space allotted to them.

However, we at Take a Bough Tree Care like to see this as an opportunity to replace the tree with something more suitable. In places where there is not space for a tree, a mixed hedges with hawthorn and buckthorn with dog roses and any small tree species which can be cut to shape can be a welcome sight in a built up location and offer substantial benefits to the local wildlife. Our tree surgery team would be pleased to plan and plant this for you.

Nectar rich shrubs like buddleia and plants like valerian and catmint or climbers like honeysuckle and jasmine all attract insects, especially butterflies which are always welcome in the garden.

Bee in a tree

Why plant a tree?

If the continuing story of climate change and the catastrophic decline in the insect population has taught us one thing, it is that we can all make a difference. Planting trees is a simple and important step in combating climate change and habitat loss and we can all help even if we only have space for one or two trees.

Expert help for trees

Here at Take a Bough Tree Care all the members of our tree surgery team are happy to offer free, no obligation advice on choosing a tree and can obtain, plant and maintain it for you as it matures.

Which are the best trees for bees and insects?

All trees offer habitat and shelter for insects and it is especially necessary to provide more of these in the South East of England where continuing urbanisation, light pollution, insecticides and herbicides, intensive farming and myriad other factors have meant that many insect species are struggling to survive. In turn this has had a dramatic knock-on effect on bird populations, for example declining numbers of cuckoos are due to the failing moth and caterpillar populations. Sixty-two moth species have become extinct in the past fifty years.

The fun bit

In a small London garden where there is only room for one or two trees, choosing the right one is important. A larger tree will provide shade and in time a place to hang a swing or hammock. Many small trees offer year-round pleasures, from blossom in the spring, fruit or berries in the autumn and beautiful leaf colour at the end of the year. Trees with flowers, like crab apple, pear, apple or plum trees are important nectar sources early in the year for bees. Children love to pick their own fruit in the garden.

Fallen fruit is a food source for ground-feeding birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins and for hedgehogs. Wasps, who are also vital pollinators, also enjoy fruit.

Apples fallen from a tree

Our expert and highly knowledgeable tree surgery team can assess the soil conditions in the garden as well as taking in all the other relevant factors and help you choose the right species for your garden, be it a fruit tree, a flowering cherry a beautiful whitebeam, hornbeam or even a towering pine tree which will provide a rich habitat for birds and insects.

If space is limited trees can be successfully planted in large pots which means they can be moved around the garden or even taken with you if you move to another house.

Growing a tree in the garden

If you need a tree removed or simply want to plant one, we would be delighted to speak to you. All our tree surgery staff are committed environmentalists and can offer common sense and expert advice.

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