In order to survive freezing winter temperatures and winter gales, deciduous trees go through a process similar to hibernation called dormancy. As autumn progresses trees begin to shut down, they shed their seeds and the leaves begin to change colour, which is often a spectacular sight, but a clear sign that the trees are preparing for winter. Everything within the plant slows down. They stop growing and consume much less water.

Caring for Evergreen Trees During Winter

Evergreen trees have a different strategy for overwintering. Conifers reduce the stress of water loss with fine needle-like leaves with less surface area and thick, waxy water-retaining cuticles. While the structure of evergreen foliage doesn’t have the energy-producing efficiency of a flat plate-like deciduous leaf, the fact that conifers can continue to photosynthesise year-round compensates for this. Some pines even have antifreeze in their needles, to enable them to work in icy conditions.

The dormancy of winter trees means that this is the best time for planting or transferring them around your garden, a good tree surgeon will advise you on what trees will fulfil your needs and help to place and plant it. Trees in urban gardens, like those in London, need to be carefully chosen to provide year-round interest and to reduce the chance that it will outgrow its chosen site. Annual maintenance visits from your expert tree surgeon will ensure your trees’ continued good health. Expert pruning will maintain the optimum size and appearance of your tree.

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