Why is stump grinding necessary?

stump grinding

Stump grinding


Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps after felling and is an essential part of the removal process. It is not possible to fell a tree to ground level, there will always be a stump remaining. If left stumps can take many years to decompose naturally and may cause diseases to affect nearby trees. In the interim, it will be unsightly and may be a trip hazard. Stumps will often send up unsightly suckers for a long time which if not cut back regularly will end up forming an unsightly and ever-spreading bush.

How do stump grinders work?

The stump is reduced to chips and sawdust by a powerful machine with a circular saw rotating at high speed which tears away at the wood to well below ground level.


How a stump grinder works

How a stump grinder works

What happens when a stump is ground out?

Stump grinding naturally results in a considerable amount of wood chippings which can be removed by the operators, or used as green mulch on the flowerbeds. The hole can be filled with new soil and planted or laid to grass. The chips can also be placed back into the hole to decay naturally. It will decay much more quickly and completely than if the stump had been left whole.

Tree roots

The remaining tree roots which extend as far as the original tree canopy stretched will also decay much more quickly once the stump has been destroyed.

DIY Stump Removal

It is possible for the householder to hire and use a stump grinder themselves, however, there are many things to consider before deciding to go down this route.

You will need to consider:

  1. The cost of renting a suitable stump grinder
  2. The cost of providing the essential personal safety gear, such as a hard hat, steel-toed boots and protective gloves as a minimum.
  3. Suitable transport for what is a very heavy piece of equipment.
  4. Stump grinders are both heavy and unwieldy so you will need to be sure you have the strength to load and unload it, manoeuvre it into place as well as control it with the powerful motor running.
  5. Petrol to operate the machine.
  6. Proper equipment to protect the surrounding area from flying chips and debris.

There is also the risk of damage to the machine from hidden hazards like bricks, stones and discarded metal objects near or under the stump which will have to be paid for.

Professional Stump Grinding

There are many different kinds of stump grinders and stump removal machines and a professional tree surgeon will be able to provide the most suitable with fully trained operatives.

Professional tree surgeons also carry extensive insurance to protect the householder from any incidents that might occur.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The cost of stump grinding is dependent on the size of the stump and whether access to the site is difficult. Many properties in South East London have no outside access and equipment must be lifted over fences or carried through the house, however, smaller stumps can often be grubbed up by hand.

Take A Bough Tree Care offer a free, friendly, no-obligation advice and quotation service arranged at a time convenient to you or even by phone if you can provide suitable photographs.

We will assess the situation and give you an estimate of how best to remove the tree stump, set out your options and provide estimates of the cost.

Stump removal by a professional tree surgeon using the proper equipment does not take long and you will find it can be surprisingly affordable. Most stump removal is fast, and even large stumps usually take only a few hours.

We always offer our stump removal services when we remove a tree, including explaining the benefits of having your stump removed professionally and describing the benefits of tree-stump mulch for your garden.

If you are in South West London and you need a stump removal service, click above now to give us a call and request a free quotation – we will be happy to hear from you and to assist you further.

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