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This Mature Ash tree in Putney was heavily reduced 5-6 years ago and due to the natural reaction of such a heavy reduction, we were asked by our client for advice on what to do next as the level of shade that it creates was extensive. We suggested that it was not necessary to reduce the tree to the same extent and removing all the epicormic and internal growth would allow more light through the crown, reduce the amount of debris that the tree creates and extend the effect of the reduction for a number of years to come. The result was a clean, natural looking tree that serves as an asset to the area.

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About Crown Thinning and Cleaning

Thinning the tree’s crown will also include the removal of any crossed or suppressed branches and also the removal of any dead wood. The material left should contribute to an even crown in terms of density. This process will also limit the chances of future dead branches making the trees safer in urban London gardens. 

"Toby did a very good job, not only with trimming a tree and ivy that were abandoned and out of control, but also with leaving the house clean and all my neighbours happy."