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This bay tree, at the front of our client’s property in Putney (SW15), is a tree that we had pruned regularly over the last four years.

Regular pruning allows us to create a symmetrical, compact, formal shape. Our London client is happy to invite us twice a year and we hope that our tree surgeons will continue to work to prune this bay tree for years to come.

If you would like to improve the appearance of a tree in your South London garden, our crown lifting service is just what you need. Call Toby today by clicking above to enquire further and request a free quote.

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About Crown Reduction

When our London tree surgeons perform a tree crown reduction they ensure that all the branches are cut back to a suitable length and back to a suitable growth point. The entire crown is thereby reduced in size and volume but maintains a pleasing shape in line with the natural profile for the species.

"Our hedge looks gorgeous and it even makes the entire house look better. Really great experience and would highly recommend "