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For this tree crown lift job our Clapham tree surgeons were asked to lift the canopy of this large ash tree.

The client had already applied for permission to reduce the canopy of this tree prior to our site visit to discuss the work. We advised him that reducing the canopy of this tree would not fulfil his requirements. The aim of this tree work was to allow more light into the garden. This mature Ash tree is significantly larger than other trees surrounding it, so it has already dominated its area. This implies that it does not need to spend too much more energy in getting taller because it already gets 360 degrees of available light. We advised our client that reducing the canopy entirely would promote an adverse reaction, as it would encourage regrowth, which would be more dense and faster growing that the growth that would have been removed. This would have a detrimental effect on the light that could pass through the crown to the garden and also would mean that the client would be forced to repeat the operation on a regular basis. We advised that by lifting the canopy, which invoices removing or reducing get lower limbs, which tend to be the longest, there would be more light that could get to the garden from under the canopy. This would avoid an adverse reaction in terms of regrowth, and would not be needed to be done again and again. Also, lifting the crown was a much cheaper operation than an entire canopy reduction which pleased the client. We effectively changed the shape of the tree to more of a flute shape from a goblet shape, which achieved our clients wishes and allowed a lot more light into the garden, whilst leaving a natural shape for an ash tree.

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About Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting entails increasing the gap between ground level and the first branches on the trunk. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches of the crown to a specified height. In order to maintain a visually pleasing shape, a tree surgery expert will be able to advise you of your options.

"You and your team did an excellent job of reducing the tree crown. I now have light in my garden! Thank you."