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A client in Clapham contacted us and requested that our tree surgeons remove this eucalyptus tree.

Apparently this tree was only planted 8 years ago, but had grown to over 30ft. This shows how quickly some trees can grow and how important it is to think about the species of trees planted and the chosen position in a garden.

It is never advisable to plant a tree close to foundations, wall, fences, sheds or points of access, unless you are aware of how regularly such trees need to be pruned to contain there growth and extend there useful lifespan.

If you have a tree causing a problem with your South West London property, click above to give Take A Bough a call. We’ll advise on our tree felling and removal service, and offer a free quote for the work you need.

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About Tree Felling and Removal

We always encourage our tree surgery clients in London to retain trees wherever possible, but sometimes they have to be removed because either they are unsuitable for their space, or they pose a threat to surrounding buildings or for a variety of different reasons. Due to the lack of open space, tree felling in London can be more challenging and it is not often possible to fell a tree in one piece.

"Toby was by far the most personable chap we had round to quote on our tree fell, as well as being the most competitive. More then happy to recommend to anybody – top job."