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Our clients wanted our tree surgery team to significantly reduce the size of this many stemmed holm oak tree because it was creating too much shade in the garden.

We advised that a heavy reduction would probably spoil the shape and appearance of this tree and lead to an increased maintenance schedule due to the likely reaction of the tree.

We advised removing the two outside stems and leaving much of the central stem untouched therefore retaining its natural form.

The client was happy that a great deal more light was able to enter the garden whilst keeping a natural-looking tree that will develop naturally.


About Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting entails increasing the gap between ground level and the first branches on the trunk. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches of the crown to a specified height. In order to maintain a visually pleasing shape, a tree surgery expert will be able to advise you of your options.

"We always arrange for Toby to come once a year to cut back overhanging tree branches and a big ivy hedge on our house. "
Sir Peter