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Attended as part of our hedge trimming for London service, these hedges in the front garden of two of our clients in the Northcote Road area of Clapham in Wandsworth are two that we attend on a twice-yearly basis.

This will be our last visit of this year and we look forward to catching up with our clients in spring next year.

If you need help with cutting or maintaining hedges or trees in your garden, click above to contact Take A Bough today – we will be happy to help and can advise with a free quotation.


About Hedge Trimming

Take A Bough Tree Care can provide one off visits to top and trim your hedges to the dimensions you require as well as providing a regular maintenance service. We can also organise a bi-annual schedule to maintain your hedges year after year.

"Toby was by far the most personable chap we had round to quote on our tree fell, as well as being the most competitive. More then happy to recommend to anybody – top job."