the job...

This client asked our Wandsworth tree surgeons to repeat this tree reduction that we originally did three years ago.

By following our previous points, were pruned this prunus tree into a natural shape and we will look forward to visiting this client again in another three years.

If you would are based in South West London, and would like us to help reduce your tree, either on a one-off visit or on a regular basis, click above and give us a call. We will be happy to advise further and provide a free quote.



About Crown Reduction

When our London tree surgeons perform a tree crown reduction they ensure that all the branches are cut back to a suitable length and back to a suitable growth point. The entire crown is thereby reduced in size and volume but maintains a pleasing shape in line with the natural profile for the species.

"Toby made a fantastic job of pruning my wisteria in autumn. The tree was cut back exactly as I had specified. "