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These two Silver Birch trees in Wimbledon, had been completely enveloped with climbing plants. We recommended to our clients, that the climbers should be removed and the crown of the trees to be cleaned, as the climbers had increased the sail area of the trees which increases the possibility of limb or tree failure. Climbers can shade the natural foliage of trees which can cause deadwood. When our Tree surgeons were finished, both trees looked much tidier and our clients were able to see the shape and structure of the trees therefore increasing their amenity value to their site.

If you need silver birch maintenance in South London, just give us a call on the number above and we will be happy to help.

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About Crown Thinning and Cleaning

Thinning the tree’s crown will also include the removal of any crossed or suppressed branches and also the removal of any dead wood. The material left should contribute to an even crown in terms of density. This process will also limit the chances of future dead branches making the trees safer in urban London gardens. 

"Toby did a very good job, not only with trimming a tree and ivy that were abandoned and out of control, but also with leaving the house clean and all my neighbours happy."