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This large, mature sycamore tree was self-sown in an alley in Wimbledon and our London Tree surgeons were asked by the client to remove it as it was blocking the light and was growing in an inappropriate place.  The sycamore created deep shade which made it impossible to develop the garden as the clients wanted.

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About Tree Felling and Removal

We always encourage our tree surgery clients in London to retain trees wherever possible, but sometimes they have to be removed because either they are unsuitable for their space, or they pose a threat to surrounding buildings or for a variety of different reasons. Due to the lack of open space, tree felling in London can be more challenging and it is not often possible to fell a tree in one piece.

"Toby did a very good job, not only with trimming a tree and ivy that were abandoned and out of control, but also with leaving the house clean and all my neighbours happy."