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Our London tree surgeons were asked to reduce the crown of this sycamore tree in Kingston.

This tree had been heavily pollarded in the past, so were advised that the regrowth be reduced rather than repeating the previous works. This allowed us to maintain a cover of foliage which helps to limit the effect of the reduction, in terms of regrowth.

Our tree surgeons were able to find a size and shape which was appropriate for the garden, whilst maintaining a screen from the property to the rear.

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About Crown Reduction

When our London tree surgeons perform a tree crown reduction they ensure that all the branches are cut back to a suitable length and back to a suitable growth point. The entire crown is thereby reduced in size and volume but maintains a pleasing shape in line with the natural profile for the species.

"We have two precious trees in our small London garden. Toby clearly knew all about them and how best to prune and shape them. He did a beautiful job."