Following months of long, grey winter days, blossom is a sign of Spring which is celebrated around the world. In Britain among the first trees to blossom are the blackthorns and cherry plum which create a welcome white froth along the hedgerows and beside roads. But the most iconic flowers belong to cherry trees and Japan is the country most associated with festivals, known as Hanami in Japanese, to greet the spring and view the trees.

Spring blossom

What is Hanami?

Hanami is a tradition dating back a thousand years which literally means ‘the viewing of flowers’ and celebrates the blooming of cherry blossom and plum blossom in parks and throughout the countryside in Japan.

Hanami blossom celebration in Japan

Aristocratic Japanese wrote special poems called haiku about them.


They blossom and then

We gaze, and then the blossoms

Scatter, and then…

By Onitsura


Blossom festivals around the world

Blossom festivals are not solely the province of Japan, there are festivals in China, Taiwan, and Korea as well as in Europe and America in Washington, D.C. and Newark New Jersey, which has its own BloomCam showing views of the trees in real time.

When do trees blossom in the UK?

The UK has its own season of blossoming trees from blackthorn in late February through to rowan and hawthorn in June, with blossoming fruit trees appearing throughout the period. Taking inspiration from Japan, The National Trust has vowed to plant four million blossoming trees across England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2030 as part of its wider tree-planting mission, as well as its Blossom Watch campaign, which encourages people to embrace the fleeting beauty of the trees each year.

Pink tree blossom

In Birmingham six hundred blossom trees have been planted along the city’s number 11 bus route in January to create a “ring of blossom” around the city, The project is a reference to Birmingham’s botanical history when it was once known as a “town ringed by blossom” due to being surrounded by gardens and orchards in the mid-18th century.

In east London, the London Blossom Garden was opened in May 2021 to commemorate those who lost their lives to the coronavirus pandemic. Many London parks are planted with blossoming trees but Greenwich, with its views of the river Thames and city skylines, is one of the best.

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