When is it necessary to cut a tree down?

There are many reasons why it might be necessary to remove a tree from your property. It might be dead or dying from disease and liable to become dangerous, especially in high winds. It may be a healthy tree that has outgrown its space or has been planted too close to the house. It may be that the presence of a tree is causing problems with assessments for planning applications in order to build an extension. Trees may need to be removed because they are cutting out the light to the house, blocking access to a property or causing a nuisance to a neighbour. Take A Bough Tree Care can assist with all these situations, knowing how to cut down a tree (if actually needed) safely and professionally.  

Alternatives to cutting down trees

However, it may not be necessary to fell the tree as pollarding, crown lifting or pruning can reduce the spread and impact of a tree without actually removing it. Dead branches can be removed and the tree left to grow more healthy ones. A tree surgeon can discuss the various options with you and advise a suitable course of action. Felling should be avoided wherever possible in favour of less drastic solutions to benefit the environment. Trees are vitally important in fighting climate change, and more locally, add value to a property, as well as purifying and cooling the air which is an important consideration in an urban environment.

Trees also provide essential habitat for millions of insects and invertebrates, including vital pollinators.

Who do I call to cut down a tree?

Whatever the reason for the removal of a tree it is essential to seek the services of an experienced, qualified tree surgeon. It can be very dangerous for homeowners to attempt these procedures without the proper equipment or training. Only a certified tree surgeon will know how to cut down a tree safely, minimizing the impact on the property and surroundings.

It is illegal to cut down a tree that has a Preservation Order or if you live in a Conservation Area without the correct permissions which a tree surgeon will be able to obtain for you. It is also illegal to cut down a tree with nesting birds or roosting bats and stringent fines are levied for noncompliance.

Cutting down trees in London

Many London gardens in locations like Wandsworth are small and access may be limited. In this instance, machinery and specialist equipment will be needed to safely remove any tree debris caused by the work as well as ensuring the felling itself does not cause any damage to buildings, walls or any other nearby structure. Tree surgeons also have liability insurance should anything go wrong.

When a tree is felled the trunk and branches are chipped and taken to a site where they can be composted. A tree surgeon can also cut the wood into logs for the owner if desired.

What happens to roots when a tree is cut down?

When a tree has been felled the roots remain and will eventually decompose. This takes a considerable amount of time and may be unsightly as well as a potential site for tree diseases or for regrowth. Take A Bough Tree Care can safely grind out tree stumps leaving the area clean and ready for replanting.

Finally, if it is necessary to remove a tree, a tree surgeon can recommend and plant a suitable replacement for you.

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Tree stump after a tree has been cut down

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