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All of our site teams have the required National Proficiency Test Council qualifications and each tree surgeon carries a card displaying their completed qualifications. And for tree surgeon insurance, we have both public liability and employers’ liability insurance ensuring property and people are covered.

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This is an important question to ask when planning to use any tree surgery company and it is advisable to ask to see and check any tree surgeon insurance and qualifications that the tree surgeon holds. As a minimum, anyone on site should have a range of applicable NPTC qualifications. This stands for the National Proficiency Test Council. In order to use a chainsaw on the ground, use one in a tree and work from a rope and harness, each tree surgeon should carry a card which will should certify the completing of units CS30.1 , CS30.2, CS31 and CS39. They should also hold a Certificate of Competence to climb trees and perform aerial rescue (Formerly known as CS38). These are the bare minimum that anyone working as a climbing tree surgeon should have.

Experienced and qualified to deliver the highest quality tree surgery

In addition to 15 years of experience in tree surgery and having studied at Merrist Wood College for two years, Toby, owner of Take A Bough Tree Care has achieved a National Certificate in Horticulture, and a National Diploma in Arboriculture. This demonstrates a far more comprehensive Arboricultural understanding than just the physical certificates for performing tree surgery related tasks.

It is not at all advisable to contract anyone who is not qualified to this extent because of the dangerous nature of tree surgery and the risk of damage to the public and property in the execution of these tasks.

Unfortunately, these are not legal requirements, as this is a largely unregulated industry and anyone can buy a chainsaw and call him or herself a tree surgeon, however employing unqualified people can result in serious damage to your property and possibly even severe injury, or worse, to any person in the vicinity.

Tree surgeon public liability insurance

It is equally important to ensure that any tree surgeon that you employ has both public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. This level of tree surgeon insurance will allow you to claim for any damage that a tree surgery contractor may cause, and also ensures that anyone employed on-site is equally covered for any injury that they may incur.

If you would like to see some examples of what can happen when using unqualified and non-professional trees surgeons, please click the link below:

Videos of Tree Surgery going wrong!


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