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Our London client in Wandsworth asked our tree surgeons to trim, prune and reduce various plants and shrubs to contain their growth and maintain the plants as the garden designer had originally intended. This is a good example of modern urban garden maintenance where a single annual visit by tree surgery experts can prevent small gardens with lots of plants from becoming unmanageable and unsightly, with minimal expenditure.

Do you have a garden in South West London in need of professional trimming and pruning? Get in touch with Take A Bough today, we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for one-off or regular garden maintenance work.

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About Garden Clearance

As well as caring for your trees and hedges our team of expert tree surgeons working in South West London are happy to clear your existing garden to provide a blank canvas for a new design. Clearance allows designers to maximise the impact and features of the new layout.

"Toby and Take A Bough Tree Care were exactly what I was looking for, providing me an efficient, professional and friendly service"