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This Red Norway was another example of the previous poor pruning technique encountered by our expert tree surgeons which had led to the massive re-growth on this tree which drastically limited the light into our client’s garden in Balham, Wandsworth after just one year. We suggested thinning out the most dominant growth and removing any redundant material. Next year we will reduce the tree and maintain the crown at its new density thus materially improving both the appearance and health of the tree.

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About Crown Thinning and Cleaning

Thinning the tree’s crown will also include the removal of any crossed or suppressed branches and also the removal of any dead wood. The material left should contribute to an even crown in terms of density. This process will also limit the chances of future dead branches making the trees safer in urban London gardens. 

"My trees had been cut back beautifully, taking off the perfect amount, and leaving them in a beautiful shape. All was done with absolutely no mess left. And all for a brilliant price."