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Take A Bough can offer you birch tree crown reduction carried out to the highest standards, as this recent job shows. A new customer in Wandsworth contracted us to reduce and thin this silver birch tree shortly after they moved into the property as they were concerned about its general size and the proximity of the tree to the house. We reduced the tree by approximately 25% and thinned the crown, which allowed more light into the garden and helped to protect the properties foundation from an ever-expanding root system.

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About Crown Thinning and Cleaning

Thinning the tree’s crown will also include the removal of any crossed or suppressed branches and also the removal of any dead wood. The material left should contribute to an even crown in terms of density. This process will also limit the chances of future dead branches making the trees safer in urban London gardens. 

"You and your team did an excellent job of reducing the tree crown. I now have light in my garden! Thank you."