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You can prune or remove any branches on your side as long as you don’t damage the tree. TPOs may need to be considered. You must also offer the debris back to the owner.

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Whilst you have the right to prune or remove any branches that grow onto your property, you must ensure that this pruning does not threaten the health or stability of the tree or contravene any of the legislative protections outlined above. A professional tree surgeon can advise you on how much you can remove to avoid this. However, you have no right in law to demand that your neighbours reduce the height of their trees or hedges. We have found that a courteous request and an explanation of your problem is probably the best way to proceed initially!

Rules for cutting a neighbour’s overhanging trees

Before carrying out any pruning, you must keep in mind that Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation area restrictions may apply. You must also offer any debris back to the owner of the tree but you cannot compel the owner of the overhanging trees or hedge to carry out this work or pay for it.

What can I do about my neighbour’s hedge?

If your neighbours have an evergreen hedge, which has an adverse impact on your property, you can make a formal complaint to your Local Planning Authority (LPA) under the High Hedges legislation as set out in Part 8 of the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003. There is usually a charge for this and the LPA will consider the complaint using standard government guidance set out in a document called Hedge Height and Light Loss. If your complaint is successful the LPA will determine an Action Height to which the height of the hedge must be reduced.

Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, you have no legal right to a view which may have been obscured by your neighbour’s trees.

If your neighbour’s tree is a hazard

If your neighbour’s tree or hedge is dangerous and a hazard to your property you should contact an arboricultural consultant for further advice. Take A Bough Tree Care is qualified and able to provide this service. We have available tree surgeons for Wimbledon, Wandsworth and many other South West London locations, so please contact us today to discuss your query.

A neighbour's overhanging tree needing cutting

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